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Khusi Bakers in Alpha 1-greater Noida, Delhi is a top player in the category Bakeries in the Delhi. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Delhi.

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Cake Shop in Greater Noida

Khusi bakers take immense pleasure in delighting you with delicious freshly baked cakes in all your joys and celebrations. We offer the widest range of cakes and desserts to our clients. We have our own kitchen staffed by the experienced cake experts and cake decorators. The Cake Shop in Greater Noidastronglybelieves that the cake is best only when it is freshly baked and is prepared with fresh ingredients.
We enhance the joy of your celebration with our freshly baked cakes for birthday parties, weddings, promotion parties, Christmas parties, anniversaries , mother’s day , ring ceremonies, graduation party, baby birthday, corporate function, welcome parties, new year parties, woman ‘s day parties and parties to celebrate the small and big occasions.
We are passionate about baking and giving the best cake in the town to our customers. It is our passion for cakes and bakery that led us into the business of preparing and baking cakes and other bakery items. Our cakes are known for their flavors, taste and elegant presentations.
Some of our favorite delicacies of Cake Shop in Greater Noida ,are butterscotch, strawberry, Choco pineapple cake, fancy cake, chocolate berry cake, chocolate muffin, berry cheesecake, Lilly cookies, chocolate cake, etc. We use freshly prepared ingredients in the preparation of each one of our cakes. We have the services of the experts with years of experience in the cake baking domain. All products are prepared with natural taste enhancer without use of artificial taste enhancer or colorful chemicals.
We also offer some of the delicacies which are not found in the other bakers. Our handmade candy, Panna Cotta, chocolate soufflé, chocolate- berry cake, etc., just melt the heart of guests and host alike and enhance their celebrations and joyous moments. We deliver birthday cakes within a shorter period to the client place. Our bespoke design ensures that each birthday cake is different from other, as for us each individual is special.